Changing the game since 2011

We started off in 2011 as just another startup in Hayward, CA. But while others were playing checkers, we were playing 4D chess. We saw a world where businesses didn't just compete; they revolutionized industries. So that's exactly what we set out to do.


Meet the Bravehearts Who Are Challenging the Status Quo Everyday.

From our fearless Creative Director to our ingenious developers, each member of our team is a critical piece in this disruptive puzzle.
Together, we’re more than just employees; we’re a movement.

Redefining the Rules:
A Mission So Daring, It’s a Rebellion in Itself.
Our mission is simple but audacious: To shake up the market until it’s unrecognizable, then rebuild it in a way that makes sense not just for the elite, but for everyone.

Why we wake up in the morning
Purpose Over Profit. Revolution Over Routine.
Our purpose goes beyond dollars and cents. It’s about creating something larger than life. It’s about turning underdogs into titans and skeptics into believers


If you’ve gotten this far, it means you’re ready for something new.
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